Project Description

The Phoenix Children’s Queue+ project works on improving family rounding times at pediatric hospitals through effective communication and efficiency. The issue our team seeks to solve is the limited family notification of physician rounds for pediatric patients. Physicians meet and develop a patient plan for the day and general idea of which rounding style and order is effective. However, the family of the patients typically don’t know when the physician will actually stop by the room. Typically, they get a range of hours from 6am to 12pm. That is very inconvenient for many families who either have work or need to step out for a second, etc. Since doctors may not round again for the rest of the day, it is important that we can help bridge these communication gaps for both the patients and the physicians.

Our plan is to create a daily rounding schedule that will help doctors minimize walking and figure out which patients to round on first. Our rounding schedule would offer real time data for families as well. Families would be able to schedule out their day and plan out when they would need to be available for doctor rounding.