Meeting Time

Thursday 6pm Poly

Project Description

Remykling project was proposed by Mykl Greene. The main focus of the project is found a way to recycle the used paper from the Navajo people and turning it into a product they can use in their daily lives. The projects biggest challenge is finding a way to recycle paper with the least amount of waste product during the recycling process. One problem that the Navajo community is constantly facing is the ability to heat their homes effectively. Although some homes do have generators that allow them to use heaters inside the house, this method takes a lot of energy and can cause them to have frequent black outs in their home from loss of power.

The proposed solution is converting paper into usable paper pulp. Researching recycling paper will be the first to finding our solution. The next step is brainstorming ideas and proposing ideas to our teammates. Then is experimenting with the ideas we proposed and start prototyping a solution for the issue. By the end of this semester we are aiming for a working prototype we can present.