3D Printed Prosthetics E-Nabled

Meeting Time 

Tuesday 5 PM

Project Description 

This will be the first semester of the project. Teams will work with the E-Nabled, 3D printed prosthetic. Using the E-Nabled 3D printing community, the team will work to find a partner who is in need of a prosthetic hand and design, build, and test a new attachment, or feature to the 3D printed hand to allow the user to live a more enjoyable life.

This project does not have a specific community partner. Instead, the team is going to review the community forum and identify a gap in the 3D printed prosthetic market to design a new attachment or feature.


Attachment to the E-Nabled prosthetic to allow children to play the guitar. The attachment would hold the guitar pick.

There are hundreds of options as found within the community and the team will decide which use case is best to begin designing and testing to then offer to the online community