Automated Safety Escort System

Meeting Times

Monday 3:05 PM

Monday 6 PM

Project Description

There is a lack of a 24/7 safety escort system at universities that will transport students to their respective homes. There is a dependency on human drivers to escort students to their homes and this becomes a problem when there are no available drivers that can be matched to students. Although Uber is an option to transport students, not all students would prefer to have to pay for a safe ride home. To solve this issue, an automated safety escort vehicle system would allow students to request a ride to their designated home address at any point in time. All the student needs to do is to request a ride on the mobile application, wait to be matched to an available autonomous vehicle, and then be safely escorted to their homes. In this project, students will develop an autonomous electric vehicle that may transport students to different buildings on the ASU campus and can utilize a mobile application to schedule pickup and dropoff.