Autonomous Delivery Drones

Meeting Times

Monday 3:05

Tuesday 6PM

Project Description 

Autonomous vehicles are becoming more popular in today’s society as they are used in numerous applications. Currently, an issue we are facing is the significant delay in delivery of medical supplies to individual’s homes and on the battlefield. To solve this problem, an ideal solution would be to have autonomous aerial vehicles transport medical supplies over tough terrain to reduce the delivery time. 

The Autonomous Delivery Drone project is working with local communities across Arizona to provide a delivery solution that can transport medical supplies to homeowners in neighborhoods. This delivery solution can also be used for active duty military personnel in order to provide medical supplies in times of need on the battlefield. Currently, transporting medical supplies takes too long due to long paths and rugged terrains to travel through. The goal is to reduce the amount of time an individual can access medical supplies in times of need. This solution can ideally be adopted by first responders to use as well during emergencies.