Ogoja Refugee Camp- Biogas Plant

Meeting Time 

Tuesday 5PM

Project Description

Southern Cameroonian Refugees in the Ogoja refugee camp in Cross River State, Nigeria are in dire need for help in building a biogas system to enable them cook. As victims fleeing from the 6 years ongoing civil war in Cameroon, they have cut down all wood around the refugee camp where they live for cooking. Right now, there is no more wood for them to cook. They need help to build an IBC biogas digester to supply them with cooking gas. Some of them have managed to raise pigs, and would want to use the pig wastes to generate biogas. The refugees are interested in learning how to bottle the biogas either in gas bottles or in car tire tubes for refugees in other camps where the gas cannot be piped to. They are also interested in learning how to retrofit an electric generator to run on the biogas so that that they can have electricity at the refugee camp.