Online Counseling Project

Meeting Time 

Monday 7PM

Project Description 

In the US, health services are expensive to the point that many people struggle to afford therapy. For instance, a basic 1-2-1 counseling session with or without insurance would cost you anywhere between $50 to $250 or more. 

On the other hand, a similar counseling session from a counselor in India and other similar countries would charge only $8 to $18. The fundamental idea of this project is to connect mental health patients in the US with mental health professionals in India and other similar countries. This would allow more people would be able to afford therapy and affiliated services for less than minimum wage ($13.85 in Arizona). 

This is not a hard-core engineering project. This project needs people who are interested in solving a broad mental health challenge. The project will involve creating a website that is HIPAA compliant and will work with ASU counseling as subject matter experts.