Solar District Cup

Meeting Time 

Tuesday 6PM

Project Description

The Solar District Cup challenges multidisciplinary collegiate student teams todevelop forward-thinking approaches for campus or district solar-plus-storage systems that inspire students and professionals alike—and then design and model those systems.

The competition engages students across engineering, finance, urban planning, sustainability, and other disciplines or degree programs to reconsider how electric energy is generated, managed, and used in a geographic district. Students assume the role of a solar-plus-storage developer to produce a conceptual design and financing proposal as well as analyze electric distribution grid interactions for a district use case. For this competition, “campus” and “district” are distinct areas of developed land containing a group of mixed-use buildings served by a distribution feeder. The competition organizers provide the teams with district use cases—including energy use data for multiple buildings, electrical infrastructure, and the district master plan—to serve as the basis for the solutions the teams develop in the challenge.