Sparky’s Army

Meeting Time 

Wednesday 6PM

Project Description 

Designing body powered prosthetic arm for low -income families

Most of the current upper arm prosthetics that are on the market are very expensive and can be unaffordable for people who experience a loss of limb. Our solution to this is to create a cheap, light weight, and affordable below the elbow prosthetic arm and hand. We hope to build this prosthetic for teens and adults of low to middle income since there are currently very few functional prosthetics on the market that people in this demographic can afford. 

We have designed a prosthetic arm for below the elbow amputations. Our arm is completely mechanical and relies on movement of the shoulder to control the fingers. Each finger is attached to a wire running through the prosthetic to the other side of the arm. The finger wires clip onto three loops creating finger groupings. These groupings each have one wire running up to the user’s shoulder and attaching using stickers to the front back and top of the shoulder. When the shoulder is moved it pulls the wires moving the fingers. This design will be 3d printed allowing it to be low cost as well as functional.