Vietnam Acid Rainwater Monitoring

Meeting Time 

Monday 6PM

Project Description 

The farmers in Vietnam lack an efficient way to monitor and identify acid rainwater which makes it difficult and expensive for them to know when to prevent the acid rainwater’s harmful effects to their crops or shrimps. As a result, they need to spray water to their crops, or add chemicals to their shrimps’ ponds whenever it rains which would eventually increase their costs exponentially. The goal for this semester is to get the coding aspect of the project started in terms of having a solid direction of what we need. One goal is to start building a prototype because the fruition of this project will extend over the course of this semester. Because of this, another goal is to record everything thoroughly so that future students in this project will have a firm foundation to build off and know what direction to go. We will keep in constant contact with our community partners to ensure we are communicating and getting feedback. ​

The project goal is to create a working program for processing and storing the data of acid rainwater that is compatible with the hardware and also resistant to the environment at the practical areas. The final prototype’s deadline is to be discussed and examined, but the first prototype of the program is hoped to be done by the end of the Fall Semester 2023 to be sent on the study abroad trip in December.