The Arizona Museum of Natural History is in need of a new attraction to help the engagement and interest in learning about natural history in the Mesa/Phoenix area. They want it to be able to fit on their dinosaur mountain, and be more interactive than their current dinosaurs mountain. An opportunity arose as the Tototlmimus is a dinosaur which was recently discovered in Arizona/Mexico area. The problem on hand is trying to create an attraction which will educate the community about the field of paleontology while still  be interactive and interesting to a wide variety of audiences. The museum wants this to for sure be portable and be something that they can take to and from different outreach events to get revenue and bring attention.

Team Members:

Alex Wilson, Freshman, Human Systems Engineering

Bryn Matheson, Freshman Engineering, 

Bailey Seminara, Freshman, Mechanical Systems Engineering

Michael Dumse, Sophomore, Mechanical Systems Engineering

Alex Rojas, Junior, Robotics Engineering

Julie Flores, Sophomore, Integrative Social Science


Community Partner: Alison Stoltman