The Phoenix Zoo is a non-profit organization located in Phoenix, Arizona. They maintain their facility and support conservation efforts because of the revenue they accrue from private donations and ticket sales. The zoo is reliant on creating meaningful and memorable experiences for their guests so that visitors continue to attend the zoo. Much to the dismay of some guests, smaller and sometimes larger animals may be difficult to spot in the exhibit because they are hidden from plain sight. Although the zoo knows that many of these animals sleep during the day, the keepers are interested in making the animals more visible to the public without disturbing them.  Laser pointers for cats are already very popular on the market, but these are used for house cats, rather than the wild animals found in zoos. However the concept is the same, and usually the wild animals respond in the same way to the lasers as the house cats. Laser pointers, however, are not originally designed for animal interaction. They are mainly used for presentations, but have been found to be a very effective cat toy. This idea is a new look at a concept already designed. This design would benefit the zoo cats and provide them something to engage with and get them moving.

Team Members

Heather Thompson

Grace Shae

Evan Holfelder

Sean Keller

Moyosore Josepha Samuel-Ojo