The problem our community partner is experiencing is a lack of musical instruments specifically manufactured for children with autism. Dynamic Lynks is forced to utilize off-the-shelf musical instruments that only meet certain criteria. They are looking for instruments/devices that will provide sensory, visual, and auditory feedback to the patient during therapeutic sessions. Currently, the two most popular current solutions are the cabasa and the ocean drum. However, these two instruments are not able to meet all three requirements of our community partner which decreases their effectiveness when used for therapeutic purposes.

Throughout this semester, the team was able to create a solid document with background information, current solutions, brainstorming ideas, and a physical working prototype. This document contains our community partner’s location, services offered, logistics, requirements, constraints, and stakeholders. Moreover, we are including a list of current solutions along with their benefits and their drawbacks, which are compared to our prototype, djambe.

Team Members:

Cassidy Michaels

Adin Dorf

Kara Mowad

Lily Wallace

Mina Lederman

Rhiannon Lewis

Fernando Aguilera