Industry 4.0 is shaping a new world and disrupting many businesses, our centres specialize in the field of creating next breakthroughs in the fields of: Artificial intelligence, Industry Internet of Things, Advanced Robotics, Big Data, Digitization, IOT, Green-tech,Smart Farming technologies, Smart Health Care, Smart Labs , Cyber Security and many more emergent technologies to resolve real- life challenges. 

Bridge2Africa Cyber Group runs Innovation and Cyber Projects in South Africa and has Cyber interests in the Region. Over the years , our area of interest are offering Cyber Solutions, Cyber Interventions, Smart projects, Cyber Conferences and workshops . The Cyber Project also runs campaigns, seminars, TV programs and training on Cyber Civility, Cyber Security, Cyber Law, Cyber Crime , Cyber certifications and Innovation developmental projects. 

The rationale of the Cyber Project is to explore the Cyber Space give awareness and mitigations. Our Cyber team is committed more research into the cyber space and the relevance and impact to our society and the corporate world. Our Program considers the Cyber threat landscape and the cyber threats that exists today. We daily study Cyber events and use them as case studies in our campaigns. 

Bridge2Africa is a registered non-Profit Organisation which runs intervention programs in communities using a vehicle called the mobile communication tool kit thus embracing the latest technologies to reach out to diverse demographics in various communities. Our intervention programs address Cyber bullying, Young Leaders Project and Student Innovation Project (Smart kids initiative). Bridge2Africa run high profile conference which fund the outreach programs. This non-profit is managed by professionals who are change agents with overwhelming support from University of Johannesburg and UNISA. The researchers from the Academia have shaped an intellectual infrastructure of change agents. Our vision is to involve more Universities in the country in order to take a hand on or pragmatic approach to community outreach.

Team Members:

Rajat Arora, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Nadia Jafar, Junior, Computer Systems Engineering

Shawn Mian, Sophomore, Computer Systems Engineering

Phillippe Adriane Inocencio, Senior, Computer Systems Engineering

Robert Lattus, Junior, Electrical Engineering 

 Angelica Injejikian, Junior, Computer Science


Community Partner: Justice Gumbochuma – Coordinator for Bridge2Africa

Others Involved/Effected: Sibonile School for the Blind, South African Students that are blind