Citizen Science is based in North Carolina and was co-founded by Arizona State professor Darlene Cavalier. Currently, Citizen Science allows users to contribute data to a number of projects for free as well as allowing access to data for research projects. Data is collected by citizens using smartphones and data collection instruments for each respective project. Air quality monitors, soil test kits, and similar mobile devices are provided by the organization. After the data has been collected, citizens upload the data they collected to a database that is accessible to all for the purpose of projects and research.

Team Members:

Trevor Kerber, Freshman, Civil Engineering

Abigail Hanson, Junior, Biomedical Engineering

Alexia Childress, Freshman, Biomedical Engineering

Aleily Parida, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering

David Dulim, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering

Zak Vanstron, Freshman, Engineering Management and Economics


Community Partner: Citizen Science on ASU Tempe Campus

Others Involved: David Morrison, Darlene Cavalier, Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), Students and Faculty at ASU