DataDoc Team

DataDoc empowers patients to maintain their health, as well as reduces disease through efficient healthcare.

Doc TalkDoctors and patients suffer from poor communication in medicine. Physicians often ask their patients to collect routine medical data, such as blood pressure and blood sugar, on their own at home. Unfortunately, the typical patient fails to collect the data, forgets to bring their records with them to the next appointment, or does not present the data in a useful form. As a result, doctors must decide between trusting the patient or trusting their own equipment in making a diagnosis, when making a diagnosis is even possible. Time, money and trust are lost.

DataDoc is our solution to this problem. We will use information technology to allow patients to securely store collected data and conveniently access it from anywhere. The patient will collect data and enter it into a smartphone application or website. The data will be stored on a secure DataDoc server, safeguarded against intrusion by military-certified encryption. At any time or place and from any device, the patient may open and examine their records, or allow a doctor to look at them. DataDoc will make accurate and organized medical records readily accessible.

DataDoc has enormous potential for growth. Everyone needs medical care at some point during his or her life. Given the rapid expansion of the Internet and cellular technologies that allow mobile Internet access, DataDoc could spread to every corner of the planet. Our long-term goal is to spread our service nationwide and across the rest of the world.