Engineering Smiles

For developing counties, dental care is considered a luxury. Many are left with disfigured smiles, which can negatively affect one’s self-esteem and can present itself as a hindrance when looking for employment. Engineering Smiles came to the rescue, working with IMAHelps to create a mobile dental clinic to be used in developing areas. The space would be a location for dental care and education. When it’s not on the move, the team plans for the mobile dental clinic to be stationed at the Universidad Catolica de Nicaragua (UNICA). Engineering Smiles has been featured in media outlets such as ADA News, USAToday, Arizona Republic, Engineering for Chance, AZ Stem Network, Christian Science Monitor, and more magazines and other publications. In February 2016, the team accrued enough funding to purchase a 24-foot trailer from Becker Custom Trailers. This trailer will be air-conditioned, have electricity, and be customized to fit the needs of the mobile dental clinic.