EPICS Generator Awards

The EPICS Generator Awards recognize the hard work and dedication of EPICS students, mentors and partners. The following individuals and teams were recognized at an event held in May 2023.

Innovation Award – Adaptive Bike, Devils Prosthetics, DocYou
Catalyst Teams – Heating and Cooling Bed, Flower’s Feeder, Countdown CES
Community Impact Award – EPICS Maroon
Community Catalyst Award – India Schneider-Crease, Julia Colbert, Jasmine Amoako-Agyei
Impact Award – Vietnam Shrimp Farming, Spain Coral Reef Restoration- Materials, Devils Prosthetics
Innovation Award – Adaptive Bike, Devils Prosthetics, DocYou
Future-Forward Award – Project Koyash, Waste Audit System, Community, Housing Development, Foster AZ, Mental Health Mobile Games, 33 Buckets- Internet of Things

Rising Star Award:
Sandra Perez, Shawn Neil, Hannah Park, Anirudh Manjesh, Luke Hotz, Chris Wysocki, Hikmah Mohammed, Pranav Mantri, Prima Fombo

Outstanding Team Leader
Lauren Cooper, Dakota Edwards, Shannen Aganon, Meaghan D’Arcy, David Ellis

Student Mentor Award
Quinn Williams, Rishik Kolli, Anvitha Doddipalli, Arya Yadav, Casey Mallare

Navigator Award
Jessica Maschino, Lilli Offenberger, Jordan Walker, Judy Amanor-Boadu, Amanda Minutello, Gabe Gerbic

W. L. Gore & Associates values awards presented by Eric Lehnhardt

The awards given by Gore are based on elements of its company culture: “Long-Term View” and “Knowledge-Based Decision Making.”

Long-term view refers to Gore’s belief in making investments and decisions with an eye for their long-term impact and success. This relates to the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of EPICS projects.

Knowledge-based decision making refers to Gore’s practice of gaining fundamental knowledge, involving subject-matter experts and obtaining group buy-in before making decisions. This relates to the demonstrated ability of EPICS teams to research their customer needs, obtain input from subject-matter experts, explore design alternatives and make informed decisions about their designs.

And the winners:

Long-Term View: Nonquistadora Aquaponics, for their consideration of the sustainability of their food source–especially for their consideration of the culture in which they are working–and how their solution will be long-lasting.

Knowledge-Based Decision Making: STARS Mobility, for their time spent working with their intended users, exploring alternatives and using their knowledge to establish a clear path forward.

EPICS High School
EPICS High is a service-learning program that engages students in engineering and technology concepts and connects them with organizations to fill much-needed technology-based solutions. Through this design-based, service learning program, students gain valuable hands-on experience and see first-hand the impact that they can have on their community through engineering concepts.

EPICS@ASU works with four local high schools—Xavier College Preparatory, Metro Tech High School, ASU Preparatory Academy – Polytechnic School and Cesar Chavez High School—in collaborative projects with the surrounding community and guidance from EPICS college students and staff.

Several teams were recognized:

 $2,200 1st place Cesar Chavez High School SciTech Cool School
 $1,210 2nd place Xavier College Preparatory Rubus Idaeus 3.14
 $1,000 3rd place Xavier College Preparatory EPICS Laureate Tracker
 $1,300 Honorable Mention Metro Tech High School The Knights
 $225 Honorable Mention Xavier College Preparatory Ovens for Ghana
 $50 Honorable Mention Xavier College Preparatory STEAM App

The Engineering Projects in Community Service program, known as EPICS, is an award-winning social entrepreneurship program at Arizona State University. Our students aren’t waiting to graduate to make a difference—they are tackling real-world problems today.
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