EPICS Global Intensive Experiences

Interested in EPICS and a global experience? This may just be the project for you.

ASU Global Intensive Experiences are designed to expand study abroad access to Arizona State University (ASU) students. Embedded in the semester academic experience as credit-bearing programs, ASU Global Intensive Experience Programs will provide an alternative way for ASU students to engage in global educational experiences and further connect the undergraduate and graduate curriculum to international themes.

EPICS students have engaged in the Vietnam Global Intensive Experiences (GIE) Project since Fall 2018 in Da Nang, Vietnam, and students embarked on the first ever EPICS GIE trips to Barcelona, Spain and Johannesburg, South Africa in Spring 2023.  Are you interested in a Global Intensive Experience that provides hands-on experience in international human-centered design and connects you with engineering students abroad? This EPICS Initiative allows you to do so. No previous participation in EPICS is required to apply!