About EPICS High

Students from Gilbert Classical Academy deliver their project to their community partner at Project C.U.R.E.

EPICS High is an engineering design service learning program that incorporates the engineering and human-centered design processes in providing solutions to real world problems facing society.

To identify and address these problems, EPICS High teams typically work closely with their schools or not-for-profit agencies. EPICS High program promotes an interdisciplinary approach, utilizing the creativity and expertise of students both already interested in STEM fields, as well as the skills of students outside of engineering or that haven’t yet been exposed to engineering, to develop and implement these solutions. In doing so, students not only provide a needed philanthropic service, they also hone their skills as engineers and entrepreneurs.

The EPICS High program also engages students to instill in them the importance of service and to increase the pipeline of students interested in STEM pathways. The EPICS High program has proven to be an engagement tool for developing a life-long appreciation for STEM and service learning.

Are you a teacher or administrator interested in bringing EPICS High to your middle school or high school? Learn more about EPICS High or contact Elaine Michaud at [email protected].