Our project is in partner with the Shonto Community on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Northern Arizona. They have very little in the form recreation and after school activities for the children in the community. They have contacted us to provide an activity for the children so they do not spend all of their time inside.

We have proposed a two-pronged approach for their problem all centered around mountain biking. We will build pump tracks at multiple sites across the Shonto community to develop their mountain biking skills and introduce them to the sport. To do this, we plan on donating additional bikes to the High School and certifying a coach so they can begin competing. We will also be building two mountain biking trails in the Shonto area. One will be for the high school and will be a shorter loop. There will also be a longer loop that for commercial use and will bring tourists to the area and improve the local economy. We expect to build one more pump track at the community center, in addition to the one at the school, by Summer 2019. As soon as the land rights are granted, the two trails will be finalized. Our team is also interested in mapping out the nearby community of Kaibito to see if there are any additional trail opportunities.

Team Members:

Aly Carlson, Junior, Chemical Engineering

Danielle Seddon, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering

Alexander Owen, Freshman, Civil Engineering

Christian Messner, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

Jocelyn Zaman, Freshman, Computer Systems Engineering

Kinshuk Agrawal, Freshman Computer Science


Community Partner: Shonto Community Governance

Others Involved: International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA)