The mission of the Shonto Community Governance is to improve the economic conditions of the Shonto people and land.  Shonto is located in Navajo County, Arizona. One challenge that they currently face regards providing their community drinking water.  Members of the community drive long distances to retrieve water from the well and tank system adjacent to the Shonto chapter house. The water system provides water to the chapter house, an administrative building, a trading post, a laundromat, and has an auxiliary outlet for community members to fill their own water tanks. This current system is not meeting the needs of the community.  Often when a member comes to pull water from the tanks, they find it empty. Other times, the tanks are overflowing with water. The goal of our project is to implement an efficient system design that can meet the water demand of the community.


Team Members:

Cruz Perez, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Kyle Johnson, Sophomore, Civil Engineering

Cameron Mcallister, Senior, Chemical Engineering


Community Partner: Shonto Community