Fall 2022 Undergraduate Teaching Assistants

Bryan Yavari

Bryan Yavari is a sophomore in Barrett, the Honors College, majoring in Neuroscience. He has been in EPICS for four semesters and is now the Team Lead of Project Koyash. His team built a fully autonomous air purification system for gers in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. He looks forward to helping new teams build their projects and design prototypes. EPICS has allowed him to help communities in need through engineering solutions, and he looks forward to helping other students obtain that same experience. Outside of EPICS, he enjoys the outdoors, biking, and running.





Carol Lu

Carol Lu is a sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering, with a concentration in Biological Devices, and is a student in the Barrett Honors College and Grand Challenges Scholars program. Her vision is to harness biopolymer- and cell-based tools for targeted medicine delivery for chronic diseases, but also cares deeply about developing systematic engineering solutions to many pressing human needs. She can be found at Mayo Clinic (Scottsdale) doing research to these ends.

Carol is the lead for the EPICS Vietnam Shrimp Farming Mechanical team, helping to create an IoT system that monitors multiple water quality factors and integrates them in a way accessible to small-scale farmers to prevent loss of shrimp to disease and environmental damage from water mismanagement. As an EPICS UGTA, she is delighted to continue growing in practical, human-centered project design alongside all other students in this marvelous program.




Omkaar Shenoy

Omkaar Shenoy is a Sophomore majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Statistics. He was a part of the MemoryGlass project in EPICS, and overlooked the frontend development of the web application. He is also part of the Grand Challenge Scholars Program and Fulton Ambassadors where he works to strengthen his own engineering skills as well as help others. In his free time, he works at the Sun Devil Fitness Center and enjoys wasting time online watching new shows. Currently, as a UGTA for EPICS, he hopes to help students in the program make tangible progress on their projects and contribute more to the community.


Shreyas Kotamraju

Shreyas Kotamraju is a Freshman majoring in Computer Science at the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. Currently in his second semester, he is passionate about coding and designed the app wireframes for the Mental Health Mobile Games group last semester, giving him experience of how EPICS works. Being on the student council during high school, Shreyas mentored deputy members and assisted teachers. He is not only prepared, but excited to serve as a UGTA this spring.

Tushar Tyagi

Tushar Tyagi is a sophomore majoring in computer science at the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering, Arizona State University. Carrying immense passion for global issues, problem-solving, and teaching, he is also involved with GCSP and Python Users Group on-campus. At EPICS, Tushar worked as the Team Lead for ASU Audible Maps for Wayfinding during his freshman year. Since then, he’s also been involved with EPICS as a mentor for EPICS High and a UGTA for FSE 104 & 404. Outside of his student life, Tushar enjoys documentaries, Indian EDM, and biking! This is his second semester as a UGTA and he looks forward to contributing back to the student community in the best way possible, here at ASU!