Figi Lights

New Design Finished!

We have finished making our latest design which is portable and able to be shipped!! It will need to undergo testing before it is sent out, but here are some pictures!

Fiji Lights to Start Prototyping a New Design

We are happy to announce that we will be prototyping a new design in the coming weeks! We are excited to begin this new phase in our project and are looking forward to investigating the pros and cons of using kinetic energy to create electricity by building a shake light! Please remember to vote for our Dell Social Innovation Challenge competition entry!

Fiji Lights Enters in 2013 Dell Social Innovation Challenge

We have entered our project in the Dell Social Innovation Challenge again this year and would love your support! Please take a moment to register and vote for our project!

First Functioning Prototype is a Success in Fiji

Our design was taken to Fiji in July 2013 and is up and running! The prototype was disassembled and then reassembled in Fiji by the villagers and our community mentor Dan Zavaleta. As can be seen, the lights are very bright and powered off of just one battery!

Fiji Lights is Highlighted on the EPICS Website! View the article.

Project Updates

March 27, 2013 – We have been selected to present at the Dean’s Dinner in April, so we are busy preparing for this! Along with this we are designing and editing our prototype as we see some problems with it. We have also decided to prepare a project proposal for the Edson Student Initiative.

First Prototype Built

March 12, 2013 – Today the team met to build our first prototype for the battery charging unit! Everything went smoothly and we are excited to test out our new design! Pictures and a video will be up soon!

Choosing Designs

February 14, 2013 – This week we split up the group and half of us worked on our project presentation and logo ideas while the other half compiled the final design ideas. At the end of the meeting we voted on which design combinations we liked best. These combinations were for which batteries, solar panels, lights, and casings we wanted. Our goal in two weeks is for members to make a prototype they think will work best. We will then have a competition to see which provides the most light and is durable and cheap. From this, we will pick our final design and perfect it. We are also considering ways of turning our project into an energy sharing business where the Fijians can actually make a profit off of our design by renting out batteries. 

New Prototype


Fiji Lights membersBrendan Cahill, Chemical Engineering ’16

Daniel, D’Ippolito, Mechanical Engineering ’16

Phoebe Henson, Electrical Engineering ’15

Morgan Kelley, Chemical Engineering ’16

Rebecca Martarella, Chemical Engineering ’16

Anthony Wilson, Electrical Engineering ’14