he ASU School of Sustainability has a goal of reducing the overall water usage at ASU by fifty percent by the year 2020. Specifically concerned with this goal is the Water Savings Office and to achieve this goal, will require reducing water used by food production, research, and of course in the bathrooms. To reduce water use in bathrooms, the best strategy is to replace high use fixtures with newer, more efficient options. However, this cannot be done across the board, because there is simply not enough of a budget allocated here. The money to do these replacements can be obtained from a grant that the Water Savings Office can receive by showing that replacing the fixtures will pay off. The team’s goal is to show data about water use for specific fixtures to prove that the grant will pay off and show in how much time. 

Team Members: 

Ryan Conley, Junior, Chemical Engineering

Priti Yadav, Junior, Computer Science

Shreya Madaan, Junior, Computer Science

Rohit Kumar, Senior, Computer Science

Dev Lohda, Junior, Computer Science

Brendan Scobie, Junior, Electrical Engineering

Nicholas Silva, Senior, Chemical Engineering


Community Partners: Michael Dalrymple & Joellen Alberhasky