Currently at Arizona State University there is no good solution to solving the recycling issue regarding specific streams of Recyclables. There are only two bins on campus that take in E-waste, light bulbs, batteries, and soft plastics. These bins are not well displayed and are in Noble library and the M.U. because of this they are not used frequently. Furthermore almost always all the streams are contaminated with trash.

Our proposed solution is to redesign the bins to have lids to reduce contamination. Furthermore, we plan to have to bins placed into the dorms so students will not have to walk across campus to properly recycle. The bins will be equipped with sensors to alert maintenance when the bins are full.  We also will work hard to increase awareness about what can and cannot be recycled through posters and surveys posted around campus.



Team Members:

McKyla Beuttler, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering

Jason Buis, Sophomore, Biomedical Engineering

Andrew Wood, Sophomore, Human Systems Engineering

Alexander Nelson, Freshman, Aerospace Engineering

Raul Meraz Jr, Junior, Industrial Engineering


Community PartnerAlana Levine and her maintenance team on the ASU Zero Waste Project, ASU