NASA Psyche – Education

The NASA Psyche Mission has tasked ASU EPICS Teams with creating engaging, informative, and cost efficient displays to inform the public, specifically targeting K-8 outreach about the NASA PSyche Mission. This mission is housed in the ASU Tempe Campus, run out of ISTB IV and other universities across the globe. The NASA Psyche Mission is unique in that this is the first NASA Launch to travel to an all-metal object – one that is a protoplanet. A protoplanet is a pre-forming planet, one that has formed from the inside out, or never fully finished forming. In science and space discovery, studying the Psyche asteroid is crucial to learning more about the formation of our planet, and potentially the solar system.

The team, over the past two semesters has begun to develop lesson plans for local schools to implement in their classrooms. The lesson plans are expected to meet the Science Standards for Current Education as well as provide a new way to learn school subjects in ways linked to the NASA Psyche Mission. Possible trajectories for this project will include worksheets, homework assignments, and a future goal of creating an online platform to track progress and learning objectives for students. 

Team Members:

Aleily Partida, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

Catherine Johnston, Freshman, Aerospace Engineering

Haylee Crogan, Freshman, Aerospace Engineering (Aeronautics)

Amanda Minutello, Senior/4+1, Civil Engineering, 

Thinh Nguyen, Freshmam ,Chemical Engineering

Dhrasti Dalal, Freshman, Biomedical Engineering

Matthew McCarville, Junior, Mechanical Engineering, 

Isaiah Elder, Freshman, Computer Science 

Grace Edahl, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

Gabby Fernandez, Freshman, Electrical Engineering

Connor Hack, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering

Dallin Porter, Freshman, Aerospace Engineering



Community Partner: Cassie Bowman