ASU’s School of Space Exploration has been tasked with research under the NASA Psyche Project. The Psyche Mission is set forth to do research about a thought-of metal core of a planet that has either not formed, or formed inside out. One of NASA’s deliverables for the project is to inform the public about Psyche, and why it is important to study it. As an EPICS Project, we have been tasked to create inexpensive, effective learning or interactive materials for the public to use to learn more about Psyche.

This EPICS Project is working with Cassie Bowman, a researcher on the Psyche Mission at ASU. Her requirements thus far have been open ended in regards to what Psyche is looking for, but our constraints are (2) inexpensive (2) effective and (3) replicable. Work thus far has been communication with our community partner about project expectations and some brainstorming about possible projections for the project. Goals are to create a website to engage students in a classroom environment for independent study and exploration.


Team Members:

Amanda Minutello, Junior, Civil Engineering

Yusef Sabri, Senior, Chemical Engineering

James Cebry, Junior, Chemical Engineering

Zayne Bamond, Senior, Computer Science


Community Partner: Cassie Bowman