The team’s community partner is Rich Sartor, the director of  living collections at the Phoenix Zoo in Phoenix, Arizona. Sartor is is responsible for managing all of the zookeepers throughout the different animal departments. The keepers ensure that the animals physical and behavioral needs are met. These needs include exceptional veterinary care, proper diets, and recreational activities. Although the zoo is able to care for their animals, the existing technology they use to meet the animals’ needs is adequate at best. Many of the existing technologies are low-tech and inefficient. For example, Sartor brought in a rudimentary cat toy that had sustained significant damage and needed to be replaced. In addition, these technologies do not foster meaningful interactions between the animals and visitors. The zoo would like to address this shortcoming so that more guests are likely to visit the zoo.

Team Members:

Sean Keller, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering

Moyosore Josepha Samuel-Ojo, Freshman, Aerospace Engineering

Heather Thompson, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering

Grace Shea, Freshman, Aerospace Engineering

Evan Holfelder, Freshman, Electrical Engineering

Zakariya Albinai, Sophomore, Civil Engineering

Alondra Hernandez, Sophomore, Civil Engineering


Community Partner: Rich Sartor and the Phoenix Zoo