Our community partner wanted a way that guests could interact with the animals or the animals interact with something and provide more stimulation for them and/or more entertainment for the guests. Additionally, he mentioned that whatever is implemented should be easy for zookeepers to use and maintain. The most important thing mentioned was the safety for both the animals and the guests. Whatever is implemented needs to be durable so that the elephants do not destroy it.

Paragraph 2) Describing Proposed Solution, Approach, Work To Date

The proposed solution is an interactive feeder game. The design could be powered by solar panels if needed, but the goal is to not require electricity. This reduces the chance of breakage and costly repairs, as well as extending the overall life of the design. Currently a list of questions regarding the constraints and requirements for the project were sent to the community partner and are awaiting answers.

Team Members: 

Taylor Benning, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

Kyle Johnson, Sophomore, Civil Engineering

Ruben Gameros, Gradaute Student, Exploration Systems Design: Systems Engineering


Community Partner:  Rich Sartor, Diretor of Living Collections at Phoenix Zoo