The majority of the animals at the phoenix zoo are not suited for the intense heat and intense amount of sun that is experienced on the average day in phoenix. The animals that are most affected by this are the larger animals because it takes more than simply misters or shades. The main issue with an enclosure is that if an animal is given a separate room to escape from the sun; they will hide there and will not be displayed to the customers of the zoo. This ultimately discourages people from going to the zoo. The zoo’s goal is to educate the public and they are not as capable of doing this if the animals are attempted to hide from the sun and heat.

Our solution is a product that will cool off the animal without hiding it from the view of the zoo’s customers. Our design is a bed that will cool off the animal and provide it with some salvation from the relentless heat of Arizona. Our design will be a cooler with a concrete lid that uses ice packs to passively cool the bed. We hope to test and experiment to find the best possible configuration of this design in terms of bed material, ice pack type, and security to protect the animals from the coolers.


Team Members

Tyler Souders, Junior, Aerospace Engineering

Claire Block, Sophomore, Materials Science and Engineering

Augustus Crosby, Junior, Computer Systems Engineering

Andrew Sheppard, Freshman, Computer Science

Dainey Driscoll, Freshman, Aerospace Engineering

Ayush Agrawal, Freshman, Chemical Engineering


Community Partner: Rich Sartor, Director of Living Collections at the Phoenix Zoo