Air Quality Project Mongolia

The population in Ulaanbaatar is increasing rapidly, particularly in the infrastructure disconnected Ger (Yurt) district, as desertification drives people who have lived a nomadic-pastroal lifestyle for generations into the city. These ger districts rely on coal stoves for heat during the harsh winters, but many people within them are suffering health problems as a result of burning coal in their homes, and the homes around them. Our goal is to lower the amount of disease as a result of their coal stoves. We do not yet have a proposed solution, but we are looking into possible solutions such as alternate fuel sources, more efficient stoves, and active or passive air filters.

Team Members

Sarah Johnston, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering 

Whitney Hirano, Junior, Industrial Engineering 

Marcos Jalen Mendez, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering

Ethan Plumb, Freshman, Electrical Engineering

Shamsher Warudkar, Junior, Aerospace Engineering