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Students collanborating on a projectCommunity organizations need technical expertise. Engineering students need practical, hands-on experience before entering the workforce. EPICS was founded at Purdue University in 1995 to bring these two groups together in a mutually beneficial way. Arizona State University implemented the program in 2009 and participation has grown each year.

Through EPICS, multidisciplinary teams of undergraduate students use their technical skills and innovative ideas to design and implement solutions for not-for-profit organizations in our community and around the world.


How does it work?

A male and female student in a work session looking at circuitryEPICS teams tackle all stages of the innovation process, from feasibility and planning through design and implementation. The expectation that their designs will be deployed and used provides a compelling learning environment.

Non-profit organizations gain valuable help that might otherwise be impossible to afford, furthering your efforts without detracting from the mission. EPICS projects span the spectrum—finding solutions to challenges in human health care, energy, sustainability and more.

What is your part?

EPICS students taking water samples Students are given a set amount of seed funding and are also expected to develop networking and business skills by seeking additional funding sources. Partner organizations are not required to provide funding, but any contributions are beneficial.

At least twice a semester, community mentors will work with the team through meetings, phone calls and/or email to help advance the project.

Teams work on a semester basis. Depending on the scope of the project, completion make take a year or more.

Let EPICS Help

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