After being hit by the destructive force of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico was left crippled with most of its basic necessities gone. The town of Mariana lost a vast number of crops, a reliable clean source of water on top of much of its infrastructure. After a year, the town is back on its feet, still rebuilding. A source of water for agricultural use is one of the many things the town still requires. 

The project problem consists of a solar-powered laundromat located in Mariana, Puerto Rico which produces an excess amount of grey water in an area which is lacking a sufficient supply of water used for their crops. A proposed solution to this problem would to filter the excess grey water from the laundromat and to use this filtered water as a water supply for the crops in the surrounding area.

Team Members

Blake Stephens, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

Carlos Mina Lopez, Freshman, Computer Science

Joey Shitamoto, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering

Samantha Lee, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering

Terry Obeng-Ampomah, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Jill Barcena, Sophomore, Civil Engineering

Emmanuel Dasinor, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Andres Valdez, Freshman, Electrical Engineering