REAP (Reentry and Preparedness) strives to help individuals who have had long-term unemployment in civil society including veterans, former inmates, and homeless individuals. Food security is also a huge issue in today’s world. This project seeks to provide employment for individuals who will work in greenhouse as well as provide a source of fresh food for local families, directly corresponding to REAP’s mission.REAP’s goal with this project is to develop a model for a sustainable food production system that can be scalable and adaptable to other regions. If the project is successful, the communities that are able to actualize the system will benefit greatly. The communities that would receive the greenhouse(s) are typically food deserts that lack access to fresh and healthy food. Not only would there be opportunities for employment, but families would receive fresh produce, which is essential for good nutrition. Furthermore, the work we do will have an impact on the future of agriculture. With land and other resources becoming increasingly scarce, the methods we implement could be the future generation of food production.


Team Members:

Augy Bant, Senior, Chemical Engineering

Chelsea Pennington, Junior, Aerospace Engineering (Aeronautics)

Rohan Shah, Junior, 

Interdisciplinary Studies (Engineering Management and Sustainability)


Community Partner: Carol Manetta