This project was initiated by ASU professor Dr.Hartwell as he believes that current K-12 science curriculums do not give students an idea of what many actual scientists do. The classes focus too much on the history and known laws of science. They usually do not give students a good idea of what the actual scientific process is like. Dr.Hartwell wants a tool that allows students to study an aspect of their vision through a self guided scientific process. The team has chosen to focus on peripheral vision, the vision outside your main central vision that is more blurry, for their tool. The main approach being considered is a device that allows students to control LEDs in their peripheral vision. Students will potentially be able to control things like the color or speed at which the LEDs blink, this gives them a variety of data they can use to test hypotheses about their peripheral vision they create.

Team Members

Jeremy Levitt, Freshman, Biomedical Engineering

Cindy Rogel Bahena, Sophomore, Material Science and Engineering

Brayden McDowell, Junior, Electrical Engineering