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Engineering  |  Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS)

Spring 2020 Undergraduate Teaching Assistants

Taylor Benning

Taylor Benning is a junior in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She has a passion for community service, STEM, and the EPICS program. With three years of experience participating in the EPICS program, as well as two years of experience as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for the EPICS program, Taylor is well versed in resources available to students and methods for developing team cooperation. As the Community Development Subject Matter Champion, she will be promoting a strong relationship between teams and their community partner focused on the human-centered design process and open communication. 

Augustus Crosby

Augustus Crosby is a senior in the Computer Systems Engineering 4+1 program and is also majoring in Political Science with a Business minor. He has been in EPICS for 3 semesters, and after being a UGTA in Object-Oriented Programming, he decided to be a UGTA with EPICS. His projects included a monitoring system to help watch children around water, a solar-powered refrigeration system, and a cooling box for the Phoenix Zoo animals in the summer. While not losing sleep doing schoolwork, he tutors on the side and works part-time for Red Rock Flight School in Mesa doing database management and various business tasks for the start up. He also is an avid dog lover and you can always catch him at the dog park with his 2 huskies

Daniel Hoop

Daniel Hoop is currently a senior undergraduate in the Environmental Engineering program at Arizona State University. Daniel has served as a member, financial chair, and team lead for three different EPICS teams at ASU as well as qualified for the EPICS Elite Pitch Competition in its first two semesters. He has also served as an engineering mentor for EPICS High teams in the Phoenix area. 

Daniel has a passion for sustainable management of our natural resources through emerging technology, collaboration among sectors, and systems thinking. He has a specific focus in water resource management and international development.

Sean Innes

Sean is a second-year chemical engineer and research aide in the School for Energy, Matter and Transport (SEMTE). He is from Scottsdale, AZ and is on the e-board of ASU’s club tennis team. He intends to graduate in the summer of ’21 and plans to pursue industry before returning to graduate school. 

Nicholas Iwanski

Nicholas is an electrical engineering major in my junior year. He have been in EPICS for 6 semesters now, and is currently the team lead on Headcount. They are working with the Fulton department of health and safety to develop a technology capable of counting the number of people in each room of the Memorial Union during Fulton career fairs. This will make room counts far more accurate and easier for student volunteers to enforce. The excitement he gains from his own EPCS projects really encourage him to be more involved in the EPICS program. He sees how EPICS gives students experiences in engineering that they can’t find in other campus clubs and services, and that really makes him happy to work in the program. He currently work as a UGTA for FSE 104 and as an EPICS High mentor. He loves helping students realize their potential as an engineer regardless of what their age or experience level is.

Nadia Jafar

Nadia Jafar is a junior pursuing a B.S.E in Computer Systems Engineering and a B.S. in Mathematics. She has been extremely involved in the ASU engineering community through organizations such as the Society of Women Engineers and Engineers Without Borders. Throughout her career, she has worked on several technical projects, including a refreshable braille display for visually impaired students to connect to their personal computer and navigate the internet. She has acquired skills such as programming microprocessors and general engineering design talents. 

Aarya Mecwan

Aarya is serving as a UGTA for EPICS for her 3rd consecutive semester and is a team member for her 4th semester. She has worked on amazing projects with Arcosanti, the Phoenix Zoo, Mayo Clinic, and currently, 33 Buckets. She is currently in her junior year pursuing her BSE in Biomedical Engineering and is also a part of Barrett, the Honors College. Alongside being a TA, Aarya is an Undergraduate Peer Career Coach and Engineering Futures Mentor at the Fulton Career Center. She loves meeting other passionate engineering students in EPICS and is excited to part of such an impactful and rewarding program. 

Elysha Tun

After actively taking two semesters of EPICS, gaining experience in team management and familiarity with the FSE 104 and 404 courses, Elysha Tun is a UGTA for the Engineering Projects in Community Service program. Elysha is a current student at Arizona State University, studying mechanical engineering with a focus on energy and environment. As an EPICS UGTA, Elysha assists in the behind the scenes of EPICS teams, applying her personal and professional knowledge to help each team achieve their goals and also to have fun. She looks forward to the success that each team achieves and the expansion of the EPICS program.

Andy Weiss

Andy is a Senior in Aerospace Engineering and has been a student in EPICS for 6 semesters, a UGTA for 3 semesters, and promoted the program at freshman orientations and other events since 2018.