The team is currently working on addressing a problem located in South Africa. The team was recently formed on the Spring 2019 semester and initiated communications with the community partner, Bridge2Africa in order to determine where there is a problem to address. Throughout the semester the problem was identified as there being a neglect towards the physically impaired in South Africa. The team has since began working on developing a smart wheelchair that will be able to meet the needs stated by the community partner as well as begin to change the social stigma that comes with a wheelchair. Throughout the project the team will continue to develop and test various aspects of a wheelchair in order to deliver an efficient solution. 

Team Members

Daniel Haros, Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Catherine Johnston, Junior, Aerospace Engineering

Joseph Kong, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Rexford Marsh, Mechanical Engineering

Fernando Sarmiento,Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Rodney Staggers Jr, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering