“I believe the knowledge I gain from EPICS cannot be met in any other class here on campus. I am working on problems within the community while gaining experience that I can carry with me after college.”

Gabrielle Palermo

Biomedical engineering student

  Using a service-learning model, project assignments for the EPICS sequence of classes give students the skills they need to be successful. Students are matched to a project in EPICS I and are introduced to design-thinking and project management skills EPICS II focuses on the design and build process.. EPICS  projects usually take at least one year to complete and sometimes even four years; ongoing student participation in EPICS classes is encouraged.

The projects are performed without charge for not-for-profit host organizations such as a community organization, school or government entity.  Student teams are multidisciplinary and comprised of a mix of freshmen through seniors. EPICS participants learn and practice many of the skills they will need to be successful in life beyond college. The project life cycle creates opportunities for students to work as engineers while still in college and solve real-world problems with community partners.

You can be an engineer NOW!

    • It’s a great way to gain practical leadership experience while you learn.
    • Develop your communication skills – writing, speaking, graphic design – that help you sell your ideas to others.
    • Learn to budget and spend REAL MONEY!
    • Get valuable teaming skills and experience, and…
    • If you are really good, win awards that light up your resume!

Major learning outcomes for EPICS students:

    • Learn to work on a team that tackles a real-world problem and effectively deal with team-related issues that arise.
    • Practice public speaking skills by presenting your ideas during midterm and final presentations.
    • Gain valuable budget and project management skills to build models or solutions that demonstrate proof of concept.

Ready to make a difference?

Engineering design principles are just the beginning; EPICS students also experience how to perform as a team, present ideas using public speaking skills and manage a budget to build proof-of-concept models or solutions. With their team, students prepare and submit a proposal for funding from the ASU Innovation Challenge competition. Students gain valuable experience working as a team and negotiating team dynamics to create an effective and successful end product. These skills prepare students for a competitive work environment.

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“EPICS has taught me about professionalism and communication. Now I am confident in my ability to give presentations and communicate with other engineering students and faculty.”

Taylor Barker

Chemical engineering student