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Engineering  |  Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS)

EPICS Online

EPICS Online Objectives:

In order to provide ASU Online students within the Fulton Schools of Engineering an opportunity to learn outside of traditional coursework in a multidisciplinary setting, the EPICS program is offering an online offering that will allow students to participate in EPICS online. Online students will be able to work with their team, faculty and industry mentors virtually throughout the semester to build, design and deploy their engineering solutions for a local community partner.


How it will work?

  • Students learn human centered design process through online video lectures and activities
  • Students are placed on an EPICS team with in-person students to work on a project
    • Must plan to attend their scheduled team meeting virtually
    • Should expect to individually contribute to the project on a weekly basis.
  • Participation on teams will vary, but may include:
    • Collaboration in technical design reviews via video conferencing
    • Background research on material properties, existing technologies, etc.
    • Simulations, modeling, and/or coding


Eligibility and Application Process:

Students will be selected based on their interest and willingness to commit to the online program and its responsibilities. Once accepted into the program (through the application),  EPICS administrators will be reaching out after confirmation of acceptance into the online EPICS program in order to prompt students to enroll in the course. Students must receive an override to FSE404 enroll!

If you are interested in becoming a student in EPICS Online, email Jared Schoepf, Director of Operations ( with the following:

  1. Student Name and ID Number
  2. 1-2 sentence summary of why they want to join and what they hope to learn in the program
  3. A list of the top 3 projects from our website link (click here) that they would like to work on
  4. An acknowledgement that they understand each week they will have:
    • ~1 hour of online coursework per week
    • ~1 hour of virtual team meeting time
    • ~1 hour of individual project contributions for their team