EPICS Resources


The Engineering Projects in Community Service Program offers resources for students to learn and build their projects. EPICS teams have access to the engineering eSpaces, which are equipped with various tools and materials to help them fabricate any physical prototypes. EPICS teams also receive a $500 budget each semester to purchase required materials for their projects. During class, teams are required to project and propose a budget to meet their team’s needs for each semester.  This allows for funding from our donors to be distributed in order to allow our EPICS teams to succeed!

EPICS teams are eligible to apply for the Fulton Experiential Learning Grant, which provides funding for team members to attend conferences, competitions, seminars, study abroad trips, and many other extra-curricular learning opportunities that will help them advance their knowledge and their projects!  Funding is based upon travel needs and goes up to $800 for domestic experiences and up to $1,500 for international experiences. 


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