Enroll in one of the FSE 404 class sections for the Fall 2019 Semester. 

Mon. 3:05pm Class #93204

Mon. 6:20pm Class #93203

Tues. 6:20pm Class #93205

Tues. 3:15pm Class #93201 (Poly)

Wed. 6:20pm Class #93207

Below are our current projects and when they meet. Click on the team to learn more about their work. 

Mondays, 3:05pm-3:55pm, Tempe Campus, ECG 140

APS Holiday Lights

Autonomous E.Coli

Citizen Science Water Contamination Project

Improved Campus Waste Systems

Selleh Lake

Solar District Cup

Ocean Plastics Team

Project Cities Feasibility

Vietnam Smart Agriculture Project

Tuesdays, 6:20pm-7:10pm, Tempe Campus, ECG 101

Climate Change Challenge

Laboratory Glass Recycling

Memory Glass

Puerto Rico Greywater

Phoenix Zoo – Elephant Engagement

Waste Audit System Project

Water in Peru


Tuesday, 1:25-2:15pm, Polytechnic Campus

Automated Composting (Poly)*

Stardust Solar Test Project (Poly)*

Wednesdays, 6:20pm-7:10pm, Tempe Campus, ECG 101

Burn Victims

Climate Change Challenge

EWB Shonto Solar

EWB Irrigation Team


Mayo Radiology

NASA Psyche Project

Navajo Mountain Bike Initiative

Nepal Pyrolizer Project

Phoenix Zoo- Reptile Misters


*This denotes a new project or a team in search of  team members