Fall 2018 FSE 494 Projects

Below are a list of the current projects that are underway by current EPICS Students. By clicking on the project, a more in-depth description of the project and its team members can be found. Check out the amazing and impactful projects that are happenings at the nightly team meetings which undergraduate and graduate students are working on!


Air Quality Khambhat

Project Air Quality Khambhat has goals to reduce the amount of silica in the air to 50ppb with an effective, sustainable, and efficient solution in the Khambhat Community.


Arcosanti Project Team 4

The Arcosanti Project is spanned across many teams for all three nights of EPICS. Team 4 is working on collection of grey water.

Autism Therapy Drum

 The team has been tasked to to design an instrument that can increase sensory simulation in young children with autism.

Improved Campus Waste Team 6

ASU Zero Waste supports university sustainability initiatives through engagement, operations, planning, and visioning. The deliverables for this project revolve around developing more aesthetically pleasing and better methods to collect unwanted items that are thrown away by college students. 

Kinetic Power Display

This team is partnered with the Sun Devil Fitness Complex on the Tempe Campus. They will be creating an educational display to inform students that their power is not nearly enough to supply power to commonly used household items.


REAP Sustainable Greenhouse

REAP (Reentry and Preparedness) strives to help individuals who have had long-term unemployment in civil society including veterans, former inmates, and homeless individuals. Food security is also a huge issue in today’s world.

REAP Growbag Growtower

*NEW PROJECT!!* This is a brand new EPICS Project. Design a vertical aquaponics garden structure to facilitate growing larger vegetables in grow-bags. Solutions should be sustainable and safe, and this project will have a one-semester deadline to design and implement!

Sustainable Enzyme Cooler

At the center of this project is a professor at the University of Agriculture Makurdi, in Makurdi, Benue Nigeria, named Dr. John Ikuba Ona. Dr. Ona does extensive research on enzymes and thus has a high demand for them. The proposed solution for Dr. Ona is an off-the-grid enzyme cooler. 

Vietnam GIE Project

*NEW PROJECT!!* This is a global project! Work with faculty and students from Vietnam to collaborate on projects from community energy projects, agricultural technology, water treatment, public health, climate change. Students should plan to apply for the accompanying Global Intensive Experience (GIE) which will travel in May 2018. 



The focus of this project is to help the people of South Africa with conjunction with the organization, Bridge2Africa. They are an organization dedicated to improving the lives of communities by connected them using technology. They hope to expanded entrepreneurship, innovation, and digital citizenship through the expansion of many technological concepts, and teaching them to the public.

Phoenix Zoo – Cooling & Heating Beds

*NEW PROJECT!!* Create an big-cat proof heating and cooling bed to be used at the Phoenix Zoo to make the Arizona Climate more palatable for the animals.



Phoenix Zoo 2 – Jaguars

This Phoenix Zoo Project is working to create a better environment in the jaguar exhibit due to observed depression and anxiety in the existing habitat at the Phoenix Zoo. Stimulating technology is being designed to enhance the jaguar’s lifestyle and exhibit.



*NEW PROJECT!!* Excite children by showing how instrumentation such as the magnetometer on the NASA Psyche spacecraft functions in an interactive manner for K-8 audiences

Sustainability Game

The Susty Games project is concentrated on creating a sustainability game that can be described as a mix of the Pokemon Go and Geocaching applications focused on a scavenger hunt gameplay idea. 

Vietnam Smart Cities

The carbon dioxide levels in the city of Danang are becoming a concern for peoples health. This project is working to bring information about the pollution to the people of Danang about what they are breathing in on a daily basis.


Animatronic Dinosaur

This EPICS Project is working closely with The Arizona Museum of Natural History to make improvements to their animatronic dinosaurs they have displayed in their museum. 


Fossil Finder

An interactive “find and seek” game featuring a magnifying glass that lets users search for dinosaur footprints, with an attached camera that detects the footprints when they are “scrolled over” to let the user know when and what they have found.


Bird Nest – Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo wishes to breed Thick-Billed Parrots, an endangered Parrot species; to aid this effort, the Zoo needs quantifiable data from the Parrots and their exhibit, and a new home for them to live and reproduce.


Medical Storage Sensor – Chemonics

Chemonics is delivering pharmaceuticals to third world countries in need of the medical supplies. The temperature of the storage containers in which these medical supplies are being shipped is not monitored, and extreme temperatures can alter the effects of the supplies. 

EWB Pump Track

The student organization, Engineers Without Boarders tackles on EPICS! This project is working with the Shonto Chapter of the Navajo Indian Nation in Northern Arizona to provide them with a source of ecotourism and outdoor activities for the children of the community.

EWB Shonto Solar

This is a joint EPICS and EWB Team working with the Shonto Nation is northern Arizona. This project is helping the Shonto Nation find sustainable sources of energy using solar power and wind power.

Autism Therapy, Interactive Rug

Similar to the Autism Therapy Drum Team, this EPICS project has deliverables designed around making an interactive rug for children with autism to use to aid in increasing sensory stimulation.

Improved Campus Waste Team 1

ASU Zero Waste supports university sustainability initiatives through engagement, operations, planning, and visioning. The deliverables for this project revolve around developing more aesthetically pleasing and better methods to collect unwanted items that are thrown away by college students. 


The Psyche Mission is a project on the Tempe Campus. Their community partner is looking for a model or lesson plan that highlights one or more of the advanced technologies being developed for the PSYCHE satellite before the launch of the satellite in August 2022. 

Phoenix Zoo 3

Work on another exciting Phoenix Zoo project! More information to come; stay tuned!

Phoenix Zoo 4 – Elephants

The elephants at the Phoenix Zoo are not receiving sufficient exercise and mental stimulation during their time in the enclosure/yard from the current toys and activities that are available to them. Work to develop new methods to help the elephants. 

Phoenix Zoo 6 – Cheetahs

The current methods of behavioral enrichment (BE) for the cheetahs at the Phoenix Zoo are utilizing boomer balls but the cheetahs are not amused. Work to build more amusing toys for the cheetahs!

Pool Safety

This EPICS group is working on a pool safety system primarily for single-family, residential pools in the Phoenix Valley. 

Water Saving Retrofits

The ASU School of Substainability has a goal of reducing overall ASU water use by fifty percent by 2020, specifically concerned with this is the Water Savings Office. To do that will require reducing water used by food production, research, and of course bathrooms.