FSE 494 Projects

Fall 2017 schedule for EPICS: FSE 494

Course Number Time Instructor Location
79638, 79639 Monday – 6:30 – 8:00 pm Loughman Tempe – ECG 101
83245 Tuesday – 3:00 – 3:50 pm Loughman Poly – ENGR 101
79640, 88731 Tuesday – 6:30 – 8:00 pm Gillespie Tempe – ECG 101
88732, 88733 Wednesday – 6:30 – 8:00pm Schoepf Tempe – ECG 101




  • Water Saving Retrofits – Developing a sensor system for helping ASU identify some of the best ways for modernizing in order to save water.
  • Air Quality Khambhat* – Works with both a local community partner and a community in India to design health and safety solutions for the stone grinding artisans in Khambhat.
  • Next Generation Aquaponics* – Working with the Farm at South Mountain, this team is looking to develop a compact, easy-to-use, household sized aquaponics system to address local food desert and food security issues.
  • REAP Sustainable Greenhouse  Develop a greenhouse system that is built with sustainability principles to help a Navajo chapter in Arizona with food desert issues as well as to be used as a training center for re-skilling people with agricultural skills. The future of this project is also big in that this design will be reconfigured for different communities around the world.
  • Camelbackyard – Two projects here working with the School of Sustainability and a local portfolio of stakeholders. The projects will work on find sustainable solutions in energy and water for this local site.
  • Construction Waste – Stardust is a non-profit that works on diverting construction waste out of landfills by providing re-use opportunities for local communities at an affordable cost. The first project is to find designs for up-cycling some of these materials and the second project is to find innovative solutions to dealing with materials from toilet and tiles (difficult but important to figure out how to process and recycle).
  • Columbian Mining Safety – Works with Columbian cottage gold miners on developing approaches to economic development and safety in this effort.
  • Brazil Community Solutions – Open-ended project that will be centered on many different community needs. The team for this project will find several possible paths to take.
  • Mobile Sustainability Solutions Theater* – Design and develop a road-show type system that can be taken to various communities to assess, inform, and engage communities in sustainability issues.



  • Solar Enzyme Cooler – Work on off-grid refrigeration/cooling system for biofuel enzymes.
  • Sounds Academy* – Three projects will help the Sounds Academy which is a local music non-profit. The first project is to develop a software solution for Sounds Academy to manage their inventory. The second project is to develop an interactive program for assessing and providing feedback to musical performances (practice). The third project is to develop a web-based solution or app to help students and instructors match up.
  • Earthwatch* – Two Earthwatch projects are poised for a breakout semester. The first is to develop an instrument to characterize the nesting sites for owls. The second project is to develop solutions for tracking and preventing poaching of Rhinos in South Africa.
  • SweetSense – Working on high-tech solutions and working with canines on developing sensing solutions medical conditions.
  • Competitive Edge Prosthetics – This project is nearing completion and is working to finalize the designs for the Lacrosse prosthetic terminal.
  • NASA STEM Education* – Work with the ASU/NASA Psyche mission to develop local STEM educational exhibits.
  • Mobile Laundry System – Work with local Tempe non-profit to develop a mobile laundry trailer for helping homeless population.


Tuesday (Polytechnic Campus)

  • Play Africa – Work with a South African children’s musem to develop STEM exhibits.
  • Nepal Vineharvester and Biochar – Working with local faculty and communities in Nepal, this project is working on solutions for dealing with an invasive vine species and utilizing that biomass to make bio-fuels.
  • Sustainable Village – Nearing delivery of their design, this project has developed a design for a campus laboratory for field testing humanitarian engineering solutions before deploying them around the world so that they can be improved quickly, inexpensively, and without unintended consequences.



  • Build Us Hope – Develop a microhome community for people with disabilities.
  • Project CURE Ramp – Nearing the final phases, the Project CURE location in Tempe has a loading dock that received trucks of various heights. In order to improve the efficiency of these shipments, a variable height ramp is being developed.
  • Streetlight USA Site Plan* – Continuing to develop site plans for a local non-profit that shelters women who are victims of human trafficking.
  • IT and Energy* – Working with Bridge2Africa in South Africa to develop communication and energy solutions for their outreach efforts.
  • Kinetic Power Generator – The goal of this project is to develop kinetic power generators. These will take the energy of people walking on the tiles to convert into electric power. This could be deployed at events like concerts where dancing could power the music.
  • Medical Storage Sensor* –Developing a sensor for medical storage containers to ensure that proper handling occurs.

*Indicated projects that need a significant amount of students to join their team.


Questions? Contact Joshua Loughman, EPICS Director at Joshua.Loughman@asu.edu