FSE 494: EPICS Gold II

Spring 2018 Projects

Monday Projects (Tempe Campus)

Gillespie: Monday 6:20 -7:10pm, Tempe (Class #18595, #21305)

Air Quality Khambhat*: Works with both a local community partner and a community in India to design health and safety solutions for the stone grinding artisans in Khambhat.

Floating Garden*: Design a floating garden as a park enhancement ecosystem service for a local park in Tempe.

Sustainability Game*: Develop and program a sustainability-themed game to promote sustainable behavior.

REAP Sustainable Greenhouse: Develop a greenhouse system that is built with sustainability principles to help a Navajo chapter in Arizona with food desert issues as well as to be used as a training center for re-skilling people with agricultural skills.

Sounds Academy*: Help a local music non-profit develop an interactive program for assessing and providing feedback to musical performances and individual practice.

Autism Therapy Device-Drum: develop a pressure-sensitive drum which provides visual, auditory, and tactile feedback for use with children with autism.

Wednesday Projects (Tempe Campus)

Schoepf: Wednesday 6:20 -7:10pm, Tempe (Class #25004, #25005)

Solar Enzyme Cooler: Work on off-grid refrigeration/cooling system for biofuel enzymes.

Earthwatch Owls: Develop an instrument to characterize the nesting sites for owls in northern Arizona.

Project Rally: Develop a platform to reduce the divide between politicians and constituents to share information on local and state politics.

EWB Pump Track: Work with the local Shonto Community on the Navajo reservation to develop mountain-bike trails for both recreation and tourism.

Water Saving Retrofits: Developing a sensor system for helping ASU identify some of the best ways for modernizing in order to save water.

IT and Energy*: Working with Bridge2Africa in South Africa to develop communication and energy solutions for their outreach efforts.

Autism Therapy Device- Interactive Rug: develop a pressure-sensitive rug and corresponding app which provides visual, auditory, and tactile feedback for children with autism.

Tuesday Projects (Tempe Campus)

Loughman: Tuesday 6:20 -7:10pm, Tempe (Class #18596, #25003)

Camelbackyard Water: Implement a water system that will allow the Camelbackyard greenhouse and the property itself to be water independent.

Medical Storage Sensor: Developing a sensor for medical storage containers to ensure that proper handling of supplies occurs.

Space Habitat*: Fast-paced project to develop an interactive Disneyland-like space habitat for an on-campus science and arts festival- Delivery by March.

Columbian Mining Safety*: Works with Columbian cottage gold miners on developing approaches to economic development and safety in this effort.

Brazil Community Solutions*: Open-ended project that will be centered on many different community needs. The team for this project will find several possible paths to take.

Kinetic Power Generator*: Analyze high-traffic areas on campus to deploy energy-harvesting floor tiles to convert the energy of people walking into electric power.

Monday Projects (Polytechnic Campus)

Loughman: Monday 5:15 -6:05pm, Poly (Class #21306)

Play Africa*: Work with a South African children’s museum to develop STEM exhibits.

Fossil Finder: Work with the Arizona Museum of Natural History to develop an interactive exhibit which identifies footprints in a fossil.

Animatronic Dinosaur*: Work with the Arizona Museum of Natural History to design and build an animatronic dinosaur with lifelike movements.

*Projects indicated are in need of significant amount of students.